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Citizen GPS Satellite CC1076-02E £1525 from official stockist

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This watch is full RRP at all official UK stockists online. If you buy it from a non official stockist for a discount then your warranty will be void. This must be very frustrating for everyone. However, if you use the following discount code and enter this at checkout after clicking the banner below, you can save about £340 off RRP, from a reputable official UK stockist and the price includes VAT and free next day delivery.

Click the blue button below.
Use code CITIZEN13 or GS2381AAC for 25% at checkout. Just click "add to basket" then you will see a box that says, "Do you have a promotional code", add the above code and press "apply", you will see the price dramatically decrease, then you can go on and order if you chose.



Citizen GPS Satellite Wave-Air Titanium CC1076-02E
                They say that imitation is the best form of flattery. Great products certainly take advantage of this adage by borrowing ideas from other industries to make a product that is truly top of the line. Citizen watches takes this to heart. Their watches are modern and contemporary, featuring advanced technology, these watches are designed for the jet-setting crowd. Knowing their demographic, the company decided to take inspiration from a place where a jet-setter spends a whole lot of time: on a plane. The Citizen GPS Satellite Wave-Air Titanium CC1076-02E is a result of these aspirations.
                The very aesthetic of this watch is inspired by aviation. The three dial face features a look similar to the instruments in the cockpit of a modern jet. In addition to the standard time telling face, the watch features a face for day and date as well as a time zone notification feature. This leads to a description of the Citizen GPS Satellite Wave-Air Titanium CC1076-02E watch’s leading feature: satellite technology that allows for travelers to stay up to the date on a moment’s notice.
                Utilizing the signals of satellites orbiting the planet, the watch gets accurate information, wherever the user is at. Citizen touts that this high-tech watch has global reception of satellite signal.
From this signal, the watch gets accurate time information, wherever the wearer is at. There is no more winding the watch when you change time zones or dealing with accidentally setting the watch improperly and always being a few minutes early or a few minutes late. With the GPS technology, this watch does it all for you. The time zone face automatically updates as well, letting you know exactly what time zone you are traveling in with a simple glance at your wrist.
                Of course, another key aspect for the on the go traveler is durability. The band is black rubber, making it comfortable and easy to keep clean. However, the durability is increased by the addition of titanium inserts, keeping the band tough. The dial is orange accented, the crystal is dual-coated and anti-reflective sapphire. And, of course, it is absolutely water resistant, making sure this amazing watch can take everything you can throw at it.
                Watches are a point of pride and almost a version of a security blanket for adults. A great watch is something that gets worn every day and is a regular part of life. Having a great watch is crucial for the on the go, jet setting traveler. The Citizen GPS Satellite Wave-Air Titanium CC1076-02E is the ultimate traveling watch.

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Ohm, the Citizen GPS Satellite Wave-Air Titanium CC1076-02E is really incredible. Having a watch that receibes stallite signal! The future is here.

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