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Seiko Astron SAST100G Watch must read

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This watch is full RRP at all official UK stockists online. If you buy it from a non official stockist for a discount then your warranty will be void.

However, if you use the following discount code and enter this at checkout after clicking the banner below, you can save about £480 off RRP, from a reputable official UK stockist and the price includes VAT and free next day delivery.

Best place to buy online?

Click the blue button below.
Use code SEIKO13 at checkout. Just click "add to basket" then you will see a box that says, "Do you have a promotional code", add the above code and press "apply", you will see the price dramatically decrease, then you can go on and order if you chose.


This offer is valid for firstclasswatches.co.uk

This Seiko Astron SAST100G Watch knows where you are

Seiko are one of the leading watch manufacturers who have a reputation for innovative design and quality. Along with other watch manufacturers, they strive to bring people the best watches with the most functionality, all with energy conservation in mind. This has led to a number of amazing innovations in the world of watch making, and this watch was at the beginning of most of them.

The Seiko Astron began with its predecessor in 1969 which was the world's first quartz watch. Since then, there have been a number of additions to the functions of quartz watches. The new Seiko Astron SAST100G continues that trend with some innovative design and functionality.

● GPS Tracking

One of the great features of this watch is its GPS receiver. It allows the watch to know exactly what the time is an also which time zone you are in. So it doesn’t matter which of the 39 time zones you are travelling through, your watch will always be able to keep up. It also means that you won’t need to remember to change your watch when you cross each zone.

● Solar Power

A major breakthrough in watch power is solar energy. The Seiko Astron has a solar panel under the face to absorb light and convert it into energy to charge the battery. You no longer need to change a battery, and each charge will last a long time. Even in average light, the watch will charge quickly and use its energy efficiently.

● Other Features

Along with these features, there is also many others that this limited edition watch can boast.

● Perpetual Calendar so that the date is correct wherever you are in the world.
● A Titanium case for a lightweight but strong watch.
● Water Resistant up to 100 meters
● Ceramic Dial with matching bracelet inserts
● Sapphire Glass
● Screw Crown
● Three fold clasp with button release
● The glass incorporates Seiko’s proprietary anti-reflective finish to prevent glare.


All this adds up to an amazing watch that is packed with features and amazing design. It is truly a watch that is a fitting celebration of Seiko’s first wristwatch 100 years ago. The back of the case is engraved with the words ‘one step ahead of the rest’ which was Seiko founder Kintaro Hattori’s vision for the company. What better way to celebrate than with a feature-packed, high quality watch.

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Guest Larry M.
Our looks and comments from other people should make us feel more confidence and make us walk with vigor and with raised shoulders.  If you are looking for positive compliments that have not been forthcoming perhaps having a Seiko Astron SAST100G Watch will change the situation and people will begin to appreciate you more.


It is one of the many original watches with glamour, it is trendy, stylish and with a lot of innovation. It is exclusively classy with adjustable metal bracelet to fit your wrist size. Using the global network, this watch is able to identify time zones, time and date as well as receive GPS signals in over 32 time zones on earth.


It’s a watch of the new age and has been well received in the market probably because of the fact that it is solar powered so there is no worry about batteries and replacements. With its Atomic Clock Precision, the hands will automatically adjust to correct local timings.  The manufacturer will give you a 2 year warranty. Besides you can also return it for free within 30 days of purchase if you do not like it. On the other hand if you make an online purchase, it will be shipped and delivered right at your door at no cost and when ready for use. The seller will also provide full insurance during shipping.


Here's a video for Seiko Astron GPS Solar


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Guest Andric O.

I have always been a fan of Seiko, but even more so when I just recently bought the Seiko Astron SAST100G, and I just thought that this company was simply amazing. The classy and sleek design made it perfect for people who were always on the go, dealing with different appointments day by day, making sure that they were on time every time. The functionality this watch delivers is pretty good, especially since it offers a GPS feature. Instead of the radio controlled watches where it needed to be in a specific area for you to make sure that the time was on the dot, the GPS feature uses signals from satellites to do this job, which made sure that the time was indeed accurate without the added hassle. The watch is not known to be small, but it still has a solid fit once you start wearing it, and is light as well. For someone who is busy, and wants to make sure that the time you have is accurate, then don’t hesitate to buy this watch. It’s a great buy, and you will not be disappointed by it. The features you need are there and it is definitely a beautiful watch!


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Guest Luciano B.

The Seiko Astron SAST100G watch has just made me believe that man has a lot of capability when it comes to technology. I never even knew that GPS can be used on a watch to make sure that the time you had was accurate and up to date all the time, everytime. That was the first time I heard that the satellite signals can do this, and when I heard that this was one of the features that the watch offered, I did not hesitate to buy it at once. It is also a very good looking timepiece, and I really enjoy wearing it anywhere I go! A lot of people actually say it is one of the best watches they have seen so far and some of them have even expressed that they want to get one as well. The features are great and the functionality is something you can really trust. Buying it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. So far among all the watches I have, this is my favorite thus far. Something that makes you feel great wearing it is quite rare, and I am happy to note that this is one of them.


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