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Citizen CC1084-63E GPS Satellite Wave watch

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Citizen CC1084-63E GPS Satellite Wave, Eco-Drive, Titanium, Green Accents


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Citizen brand is proud to announce their new Citizen CC1084-63E GPS Satellite Wave a watch that receives signals from GPS satellites to have accurate time and calendar information anywhere in the world. 


This watch is a sophisticated Eco-Drive that features a four second synchronised reception to revolving satellites. The world time has forty time zones in 27 cities, anti-reflective sapphire crystal, power reserve indicator and calendar. This watch is perfect for anyone on the move and feels great on the wrist. The presence of a stainless steel case and bracelet complements the gray and black dial with green accents. Citizen CC1084-63E GPS Satellite Wave has a water resistance of up to 100 meters. 


Citizen CC1084-63E Eco-Drive is analogue and features a dial and hands instead of a digital numeric display. This titanium watch traces its origin from flight, wind and sky. Its perfectly streamlined design has embodied the essence of flight. It has three transparent layer dials that suggest the rotating fan bladed like an aircraft engine. The watch is structured to be strong and lightweight and has strong superior titanium in the case and a strap.  The preference of the advanced satellite timekeeping system delivers a professional reception, capturing day, date and time signals received from satellites in space.  The date is obtained from satellites as far as 20,000 kilometres from earth. The Eco-Drive satellite wave air provides quality time allowing the user to experience the spirit of challenge and explore new heights. 


Citizen CC1084-63E GPS Satellite Wave comes with under limited warranty for a period of five years from the day of purchase. As mentioned earlier, the watch has the ability to deny water and moisture from penetrating inside. The watch has titanium that is a popular jewellery metal used in wedding bands and watches. Titanium weighs a little less than gold, which makes it very strong.  The sapphire crystals found in Citizen CC1084-63E makes it look attractive. A sapphire crystal is crafted from natural sapphire that happens to be the second hardest mineral after diamonds. 




Citizen CC1084-63E case is 49 mm wide and light in titanium. The watch has superior quality features, and you cannot expect anything less. For people looking for a top-notch wristwatch that at the same time can act as an accessory, this is the right watch to invest in. One of the best news for technology enthusiasts is the price of this watch. Currently, Citizen CC1084-63E GPS Satellite Wave is £995.00. Before purchasing a Citizen CC1084-63E, carry out enough research to find a real and legit Citizen retailer.  You should also be on the lookout for fake Citizen Brands to avoid losing your money.

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