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  1. The rich and luxurious black and rose gold styling of this watch make for a bold appearance, designed for the masculine refined gent and perfect for any occasion. The Seiko SSA374J1 Premier Novak Djokovic Automatic Skeleton Limited Edition watch is a limited edition of 3000 pieces. The watch has a spectacular see-through case back, from which the intricate and precise mechanism is displayed. Then bezel rotates in one direction and the well-balanced neoclassical features look impressive on the wrist. Seiko Premier is a collection of timeless classics, so these watches will never go out of fashion.
  2. The Presage Automatic Stainless Steel Bracelet Blue Dial SRPB41J1 is a pinch of class with this wonderfully made Seiko programmed. This top of the line timepiece flaunts the 4R35 bore which is a programmed and self winding development. The system is in plain view through the transparent case back. With 23 Jewels and C ring technique, hostile to intelligent glass and push catch arrangement fasten you are purchasing the entire timepiece! This model is precise to +45 to - 35 seconds out of every day. Water impervious to 50M.
  3. Seiko SSC261P1 Prospex

    Seiko SSC261P1 Prospex This watch is a stunner, probably the best watch we have ever seen and a unique offer below, the Seiko Seiko SSC261P1 watches ever made, the new Seiko Prospex solar-powered chrono is absolutely full of features and looks fantastic. Together with highly glowing hands and also markers this particular watch looks incredible in the dark. The black and red sport chronograph features comparison superbly with all the sleek as well as modern searching stainless steel band. This watch functions 100 metre water proof and the most recent solar power engineering which means you never need to change the battery. Seiko SSC261P1
  4. Seiko SUT159P2

    This appealing and useful Seiko SUT159P2 solar powered ladies watch comes with all of the latest scientific features, such as Seiko solar technology and that means you never need to alter the battery. The watch is billed by indoor and outdoor light. With a very attrative white patterned dial with day as well as date window, baton markets which can be luminous at nighttime. This Seiko solar has a quality black leather band attached to a brushed stainless-steel case, with a very impressive 100m water resistance. Best place to get it? Best deal is at firstclasswatches.co.uk if you use code SEIKO13 at checkout.
  5. So what is your opinion on the flagship model, the Seiko SNP091P1 watch? This is the premier Seiko watch for 2015 and just about the most popular in the range. This is my favourite watch, if you have had it on the wrist you would know why, it just feels quality and expensive, feels great on the wrist. It makes you feel powerful, does that sound a bit weird? Give your wrist a quick shake the watch springs to life and sets itself to the exact time, upto 4 years later. This is the Seiko Premier SNP091P1 auto relay feature. Of course this model is kinetic, so you are not going to have to worry about batteries. What about that look? The design, well the design is based on some sort of Greco-Roman architecture, which looks absolutely fantastic. The one thing you feel when you own this watch is that you own some masterful engineering. This is an amazing watch, my favourite.
  6. Seiko Astron SAST007G solar watch review This is the ultimate Seiko watch, the ultimate of any watch in this price range, they are so well engineered, they are the most accurate watches in the world. We loved this Seiko Astron SAST007G solar watch and we are giving it the highest possible rating on our forum. These watches look and feel great, the Seiko Astron SAST007G solar watch all in black really does look something special. Best UK deal on this watch? The best deal on this watch is at firstclasswatches.co.uk by using our unique discount code SEIKO13 or Astron4 at checkout. More reviews Seiko Astron SAST007G solar watch Besides this being an very stylish Men's watch in the Seiko astron range it's full of features, very durable making with modern materials for example titanium to help keep the load low. Find out more about Seiko Astron technology The watch includes a black ion-plated situation for any highly-fashionable stealthy appearance that runs throughout and also the round dial looks great because of well-placed features including contrasting glow-in-the-dark hour markers, city markings round the outer-dial where an incredible Gps navigation controlled movement means you are able to adjust the watch to various time-zones in the push of the mouse although time self-corrects, date display, chronograph sub dial and perpetual calendar. The watch can also be photo voltaic-powered meaning no annoying battery changes are needed.
  7. Seiko Astron SSE019J1 GPS Watch review This Seiko Astron SSE019J1 GPS Watch is probably the best in the range, the black finish contrasted with the rose gold highlights looks stunning. These Seiko Astron watches including this model SSE019J1 represent the pinnacle in watch engineering, not just in the Seiko range but in any range. These are the most accurate watches in the world. The Seiko SSE019J1 is not only the best designed watch in the world but the most accurate watch in the world, this is a watch that will never let you down and should last you a lifetime. Best UK deal for this watch? The best deal on this watch is at firstclasswatches.co.uk by using our unique discount code SEIKO13 or Astron4 at checkout. This will save you hundreds of pounds off the screen price and they are official stockists with the best Trustpilot reviews. Other reviews.. The earth's first Gps navigation photo voltaic watch, the Seiko Astron is made for truly global, accurate timekeeping. An attractive rugged yet smooth in lines masculine watch, is built from black, plated titanium with ceramic bezel, it is a real eye catcher to sophistication any wrist. An easy press of the mouse instantly changes the watch to local amount of time in any timezone. Atomic clock precision along with you 24/7. With plus or minus one second in a single hundred 1000 years, this watch obtaines it's data from a worldwide satellite signal. Time signal could be received anywhere you can observe heaven plus some in which you can't. It lists azure glass with anti reflective coating, lumibrite hands and screw lower crown among its a number of other features. To maintain your watch running on the go, Astron instantly recharges itself using light - including natural sunlight and office light. Most importantly from the watch also has a perpetual calendar correct before the year 2100.
  8. Seiko solar SUT195P1 watch

    Another brilliant Seiko solar power watch in the range, the Seiko solar SUT195P1 watch is a very good buy according to our reviews. You can get this watch at the best UK price from firstclasswatches.co.uk using voucher code SEIKO13 at checkout. A really attractive ladies watch within the photo voltaic powered range, this Seiko photo voltaic SUT195P1 watch features readable dial with luminous hands and marketplaces, a really practical day and date window along with a spectacular 100M water proofing. This watch is placed on a top quality black leather strap having a blown stainless situation.
  9. Seiko SuT154P1 solar watch

    New in Seiko ladies range for 2015, this stunningly designed Seiko solar powered watch. We highly rated this watches when they came out and we have been testing them for a while now and they are great. Seiko made the first quartz watch and Seiko are still leading in watch design and technology. Best place to get this watch online? Best deal is Firstclasswatches.co.uk using discount code SEIKO13 at checkout. An uplifting new design within the ladies range, this Seiko photo voltaic SuT154P1 watch using the embossed batons and Roman numbers around the silver dial, to start dating ? window within the 3 position. Hardlex scratch resistant glass and three fold clasp and push button release. This stunning watch is operated by both indoor and outside light, which means you will never need battery power.
  10. This is a best seller in the US market, we think this watch looks great and is one of the best mens Kinetic watches in the range. These are good watches and we recommend them on here. At the moment you can get the best deal on this watch at firstclasswatches.co.uk using discount code SEIKO13 at checkout. More reviews The Seiko Kinetic NEO IP black sports watch model code SKA595P1 is an extremely smartly designed kinetic watch, meaning it's operated by the movement of the wrist. This watch includes a crown protector, date window within the 3 position, push button deployment clasp and 100M water proofing. You are able to own this watch tomorrow with this free following day United kingdom delivery.
  11. Seiko SUP236P9 solar watch

    One of the best designed watches in the range, looks great in all gold. Top rated on this forum, these are high quality solar powered watches we recommend. Best place to buy it? Firstclasswatches.co.uk using discount code SEIKO13 at checkout. Seiko get the best searching watches which Seiko ladies photo voltaic powered watch, model code SUP236P9 is indeed a stunner, with 18 diamonds set round the situation along with a beautiful mother of gem dial, this striking designed watch features Hardlex scratch resistant glass a gold tone steel situation and bracelet and 30M water proofing. This Seiko SUP236P9 includes a one year energy reserve depletion warning and it is operated by both indoor and outside light sources, which means you will never need battery power.
  12. Seiko Ladies Premier SXDG06P1 watch review The leading watches in the Seiko range, the premier looks amazing and are superbly well made. Top rated watches on our review forum as they are so well made and look so elegant. If you want to find the best deal on this watch in the UK, try our unque voucher code SEIKO13 on the firstclasswatches.co.uk site. The elegant and different Seiko Ladies Premier SXDG06P1 watch may be the Premier ladies watch within the range, with 14 diamonds around the mother of gem dial, beautiful pink rose gold and a top quality leather strap. The Seiko SXDG06P1 includes a date window, azure very glass, that is scratch resistant along with a very secure fold over clasp with push button release. This watch comes with an impressive 100M water proofing.