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Guest RussellB

First Class Watches discount codes

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Guest RussellB

First Class Watches discount codes


Ok these are unique discount codes and you can actually get better prices using these codes than from any other watch supersite or official stockists. DO NOT buy any brand watches from a site that is not an official stockist, even if they are cheaper or your warranty will be void. Firstclasswatches.co.uk are official stockists of all the watch brands they sell.


IMPORTANT - Some of these codes may have expired, but none of them will work unless you click through from this site CLICK HERE TO GET OUR EXCLUSIVE 50% WATCHSHOP.COM CODE



GS2381AAC 10% off any watch

CITIZEN13 15% off any Citizen watch

CKPROMO 20% off any CK watch

SEIKO007 8% off any Seiko

BOSS15 15% off any Boss

DKNYDISC1 10% off any DKNY

FBCODE05 18% off Calvin Klein

FBCODE06 16% off TW Steel

FBCODE07 10% off Lacoste

FBCODE08 10% off Boss Orange

FBCODE09 10% off Ice-Watch

FBCODE11 5% off DKNY

FBCODE12 15% off Roamer

FBCODE13 15% off Tresor Paris

FBCODE14 15% off Tommy Hilfiger

LUMI20 20% off any Luminox watch

TIMIQ20 20% off any Timex watch

TW12 12% off TW Steel watch

Astron4 20% off any full price Seiko

SECRET50 50% off any watch (limited offer)




The power of a good watch cannot be overemphasized. A watch is useful for reading the time. A good watch speaks volumes about you and also adds to your look.


There are thousands of companies that sell watches worldwide. Some of them are famous for manufacturing and selling designer watches. Designer watches are a popular commodity that most people want. They have advanced features and are made of materials that are of the highest quality.


They have extensive functionalities and can accomplish tasks that normal watches cannot. Most are durable and the materials used to make them are responsible for their flashy look. They look classy and sophisticated. Some are, however, simple, which is one of the features that attract people to them.


The only downside to designer watches is that they are fairly more expensive compared to other watches. Not everyone can afford them. They are luxurious and anyone who wants one must be prepared to spend some extra cash.


The good thing is that there are companies that give you the opportunity to get the watches at an affordable price. First Class Watches has become the one stop destination for anyone who wants to own a designer watch. They have a wide range of watches with over 40 of the best watch brands. These include Citizen, Casio, Seiko, Calvin Klein, Rotary and DKNY among others. All the watches from the company are authentic hence you do not need to worry about buying a counterfeit product.


In a bid to make the watches affordable the company issues discounts to clients. There are several online sites where you can get First Class watches discount codes. The percentage of the discounts varies. The terms are also different based on a variety of factors. You may get a discount on your first order or on specific watches.


It is good to regularly visit the sites because the offers change from time to time. Checking up on the First Class Watches discount codes on a regular basis ensures that you do not miss out on any deals. Visit several sites to ensure that you get the best deals.

Utilizing the codes is one of the ways to ensure that you get a good product at an exceptionally low price. The prices are in some cases cheaper than any other places on the web. The company has exceptional service and a good reputation of offering quality services and products. Always consider using First Class Watches discount codes whenever you want to buy a watch.



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Guest Simon O.

I have noticed it is hard to find a specific site that offers discount codes for the products that they are selling in their inventory. It’s a bit sad as most people would be happy about this and would attract a lot of customers. I have noticed that a lot of traffic goes to a particular website that actually offers it, and one of them is of course First Class Watches. They are willing and able to provide discount codes, and because of this, they have been very successful in creating a good environment for both the customer and the client as there is already a mutual trust to them. The good thing about the site is that it is customer friendly, when you come in you are greeted by the different offers that they have, as well as some articles about the latest news and trends of branded watches in their site. Of course there are tabs which help you find the watches you want, but there is also a Special Offers tab which you can find clearance sales for the products that they were selling as well as discounts on them. There were some that they offered for a code discount which would make several people happy as they have been given this option to earn a watch from them. If you are planning to get a discount code in the future, always make sure that you are ahead so that you can get what you have been planning for quite some time. If you are looking for a site you can trust, and a site that you can buy good quality watches, then this would definitely be the right choice for you. No hassle and the people there are pretty friendly. So go ahead and do what you must to get those codes!



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Guest Michelle B.

Not many sites offer discount codes, especially for well-known brands in the market. Since I am the type of person who is always on the look-out for these, I was not disappointed to know that First Class watches offered this type of feature for their customers. Branded watches are hard to come by, but most of all, discounts for these products don’t always crop up, so I was very fortunate to have found this piece of heaven in the web. It was thanks to a colleague of mine at work that I was able to find it. I was asking around who knew about getting a discount code for a Seiko for my husband and a Casio G-Shock for my son, and since I just didn't have the right amount, I had to find a site that offered the codes. People provided me different sites, but they did not have the models and brands that I wanted. Finally, when I was about to give up, my colleague told me about the First Class Watches site and that it offered discount codes for different brands of watches. I checked it out immediately and I found they had a wide-range of watches, and of course, they offered discount codes! I was so psyched that I immediately got the watches that my hubby and son wanted. Later on I even bought one for myself! The great thing about the site is that it isn't too confusing, and you can always be assured that you will get the models that you are looking for. So if you are still looking for those discount codes for a TW Steel? Go ahead and browse all you want! You will not regret it! The wide range of watches they offer and the friendliness of the site is more than what you can ask for!


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The First Class Watches discount codes will be able to give you significant savings when you are shopping online. If there are available First Class Watches discount codes, you just have to click on the code that you would like to avail. Clicking on the First Class Watches discount code available will open the merchant website. You can complete the purchase when you check out manually entering the code or through clicking the right mouse button and selecting paste so that the First Class Watches discount code will be pasted in the needed check out field.

How to use first class watches discount codes
You can find first class watches discount codes at Firstclasswatches.co.uk all you need do is, go the website, pick by clicking on the watch that you want to buy (add to cart if you want to shop for more),  this click will take you to the product sales page, click use code and enter the discount codes on the voucher or discount code redeem box that is open to you. You will notice the price change once your code is verified and accepted. The percentage price or amount off varies according to watch brands.

Get big time cash savings on shopping using First Class Watches discount codes! Remember discount codes offer times are limited, take advantage of the available offers today, and enjoy cheap wristwatch purchases that will WOW you.


You must click through from this site for them to work and be accepted.

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Guest sona

We want to purchase watch and really I see on first class watches site. This is really much good looking with reasonable rate. 







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Guest Guest

December 2014 and the codes above for 10% off (GS2381AAC) is still valid. So is save6 for 6%


Thanks to all

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