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Citizen Skyhawk Watch

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A timeless watch from Citizen powered by the sun


For many years, watch manufacturers have worked hard to make their watches with more functionality while making them more efficient. This has always been a challenge, where so many manufacturers have their own ideas on how best to achieve these goals. With Citizen, they have now developed their 3rd generation of their popular watch the Skyhawk which is packed with features and amazing technology.


  • Solar Power


Probably the most amazing feature of this watch is Citizens patented Eco-Drive Technology. This technology involves the use of a solar panel which is located under the dial of the watch. Light is absorbed through the crystal and the dial, and is converted into energy that charges the watch. With this system, the watch can be fully charged in 150 hours in average lighting. This will run the watch for 180 days under normal conditions, or up to 2.5 years if using the power save function. It also has a low power warning that will alert you when you have three days of power left.


  • Amazing Features


This is only the beginning when it comes to features for this watch, Take a look at some of the other specifications that this watch has to offer.


  • Atomic timekeeping with radio-controlled accuracy that receives signals both automatically and on-demand. It updates every night to maintain accuracy, but can also be updated at any time when needed.
  • World time in 43 countries
  • Digital display light
  • 99 minute countdown timer
  • Titanium case and strap making this watch extremely light but very resilient
  • 2 alarms
  • 1/100 second chronograph that measures up to 24 hours
  • Water resistant up to 200 meters or 660 feet
  • Slide Rule bezel making calculations quick and easy


With each revision, the Skyhawk watch has made many advances to the point that this version is packed with more features than ever before. It is for this and many other reasons, that Citizen has become one of the largest watch manufacturers in world.


If you are looking for a watch that offers a wide range of features that can appeal to many people, while also giving you the reliability of atomic timekeeping, then this is one of the watches you should be thinking about. That is of course, if you are not already impressed by the amazing Citizen Eco-Drive technology that means you never need to change a battery again.


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Guest Justin
Most men tend to be gadget lovers and more often than not they will always be ahead of women in terms of the gadgets they own. They want to be totally different in ownership identification and this alone will make them do anything to be a mile ahead.  At some point they seem to compete among themselves for who stands out than other.

This is the reason you will find some of them with a Citizen Skyhawk Watch which presents conventional technology and as such it is something to brag about. It is said to be used mostly by pilots because of its following features: 

  • It is said that it will retain its accuracy for six months so long as it is on a full battery charge. This is enhanced by its solar technology in combination with the use of a lithium-ion battery. This gives it an elegant power saving functionality. 
  • It will receive time radio waves in the United States, Europe (England and Germany) and Japan because of its Atomic Time Keeping ability. 
  • Its power reserve indicator will give you an alarm if the watch has not been receiving enough light. 
  • Its design is well balanced with its stainless steel feel that gives it a fine touch.
There is a lot about this watch that you need to explore. However its only advisable that you get one and have a direct feel of its features.


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Guest Frank F.

People say I am old-fashioned, but they are wrong. I just believe that class is something that you have to keep on practicing every day. Now I don’t have a problem at all being modern, in fact I have embraced what the new age has to offer, but still, looking the part is very important to me. That’s where most people make the first impressions, and at times first impressions do last.  When I bought the Citizen Skyhawk, I had this in mind. The watch fits me perfectly, not just on my wrist, but my outlook in life as well. Classy, sleek and bold, that’s what I wanted to project, and this watch helped project it for me. The features and functionality of the device was indeed a plus factor and I am very happy with it. Although I have other brands along my disposal, I can’t seem to stop wearing this watch more often than others, due to how right it feels whenever I have it on. Friends and family members have noticed it, and they have indeed told me that the watch really fits me. You can never replace respectability with mediocrity, and this is what the watch speaks for me.


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I think the Skyhawk Red Arrows is one of Citizen's nicer looking watches and it might find a spot next to my Navihawk in the near future. I have a lot of questions about the watch though if anyone here owns one that could answer them for me, that would be great.

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Guest Jack S.

Oh wow! I love this one! It looks amazing, and it's quite feature-rich as well. The best part is that it's solar-powered. It means that there's no need to change the battery?

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