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LG Watch Urbane review

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LG Watch Urbane review


This is the best looking smartwatches we have ever seen. This LG Watch Urbane made me very happy, it has exceeded our expectations.  LG Watch Urbane watch is a real eye catch up with the different style dials and  different type of faces some of them which looks absolutely brilliant, we do highly rate this watch and we think it is going to be one of the best sellers anywhere any sort of watch brand.  


More info


We have seen the operating system LG Watch Urbane with the audi display can open car doors and even start your car with this if configured correctly.  It cannot do everything that google can do on this platform but it is very good very impressive and with a walkie talkie style built in conversation you can talk with people anywhere in the world with this will you watch.  


Pros and Cons


This watch has a great finish to it it is very well built it looks great on the wrist, especially brilliant in the dark with a gold or silver finish stainless steel screw type case 6 leather strap, this LG Watch Urbane is a luxury timepiece a very nice work with will be available around about the end of april in the uk and europe.


We have got some examples of the different types of watch faces of you below so you can take a look and see which ones you think the best.  This is a very impressive watch and set to be one of the best selling watches all year in the uk market.  


Our Conclusion


Smart watches are getting better and better but this LG Watch Urbane review is one that's really excited this because it is the first smart watch which looks like a trendy fashionable watch and you would not be ashamed to have it on your wrist.  It is getting great reviews.


What are the main problems with the current smart watches is the dial and not the sort of thing that you would want to be seen out in, but these new type of smart watches from lg like this particular model look absolutely fantastic and that changes everything because apple smart watches do not look good on the wrist, they don't look very good at all and this would have some brilliant unique features with you do not get on android.




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Guest Donald

This LG smartwatch is very classy. I will buy one like this, I hope to find a discount code.

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