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  1. все для полиграфии

  2. все для полиграфии

  3. все для полиграфии

  4. Excellent information for anyone who is a fan of watches in general. I love to find stores that sell quality and they also ofer rwliable shipping and most importantly safe shopping.
  5. Citizen AT4004-52E Watch

    One of the best combinations that I have been able to see in a long time. Gold is not that easy to use in a tasteful way anf this watch has pulled it off.
  6. Citizen AT4000-02E Watch

    I like the watch but that strap is far from what I usually like and i doesn't seem to fit with the watch at all.
  7. Citizen AT4007-54E Watch

    I think this watch competes with two oher odels that I want to get. I have always been a collctor of watches and this one is probably going to be part of my collection soon.
  8. Citizen JY0010-50E Watch

    I've never been a huge fan of watches that have too many graphics and numbers, but this one is the exception. I love the way this watch looks.
  9. I just ordered this watch and I'm waiting for it in a few days. I will keep you posted on the results I got.