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  1. Citizen AT4007-54E Watch

    I like how subdued this watch is! It has that understated style to it that is really drawing me in. I see that the coupon code takes about £120 off, but what is MSRP on this one?
  2. One of Citizen's more expensive standard watches but the coupon code takes a big chunk out of that price tag. I like the Red Arrows watch and since their Bluetooth is only available for iPhone, I may be going with either the Red Arrows or the AT 4008. I'm still unsure but the reviews here on the forum are making it an easier choice.
  3. Citizen AT7030-05E Watch

    I was so excited to hear about this watch but then I found out it is only available for iPhones and not Android. What's the deal Citizen? Not everybody owns toy phones, many of us own real phones for real business and a smart watch that is both stylish and functional is way at the top of my wish list.
  4. Citizen Skyhawk Watch

    I think the Skyhawk Red Arrows is one of Citizen's nicer looking watches and it might find a spot next to my Navihawk in the near future. I have a lot of questions about the watch though if anyone here owns one that could answer them for me, that would be great.
  5. I just found this forum and I am a big fan of Citizen watches so the codes will come in handy. Does anyone know of anywhere selling these watches lower than retail? I would like to get a better deal on the Navihawk.
  6. This is one of my favorite watches to wear day or night. I have had mine for almost a year and it takes a beating on a daily basis. I wish I would have gotten the coupon codes on this forum before I bought it, but I'll just have to use them on the next one!
  7. 15% off is a good deal! I am buying a new watch next month and was looking at a new Citizen but I didn't want to drop over $500 on it so I will definitely be using the coupon code.
  8. Best Citizen Watches

    Finally! A deal on a Citizen watch! I have been waiting for this day to come. I love the watches but can never really get a break on price even on Amazon!
  9. Citizen AT7030-05E watch

    I hate to butt in without reading the entire post but when is this watch available and where can I get it?! I have the Galaxy Gear smart watch and I really like it but it doesn't have the looks of any of my other watches. If this one is as good as they say, I'll be buying it very soon!
  10. Citizen JY8040-55E Watch

    Is the code still available? I think this would make a really good Christmas present for myself.
  11. I like that the watch isn't very big. I have seen the latest trends in watches as going larger and larger. I have a couple of Nixons that are just massive and although I really like them, they aren't for every day wear.
  12. Citizen JY8040-55E Watch

    This is a beautiful watch and at a great price! I could go for a couple of these just to have a back up. Citizen makes some of the best timepieces I have ever owned and I have owned many different brands.