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  1. Seiko SAST003G Watch

    Nice one admin for finding an official stockist with a massive discount code.
  2. Seiko SAST005G Watch

    These Seiko astron watches represent the best in Japanese engineering, ultra reliable, if you can afford it they will last you forever. Take the hint from admin and buy from an official stockist using a discount code that will save you several hundred pounds.
  3. Seiko SRX007P1 Watch

    My fav watch in the Seiko range, my fav ever made by them, they are incredibly reliable, look stunning, these are watches that will last a lifetime.
  4. Seiko SPC067P2 Watch

    Sold these for 5 years online at a Jewellers and online watch store, in that time I never had any with any faults whatsoever, sold hundreds, incredible accuracy and craftsman ship.
  5. Seiko SNAE91P1 Watch

    These Seiko sportura watches are awesome reliable and looking.
  6. Citizen CC1076-02E Watch

    This is a stunning watch, ultra light and strong (titanium), you are going to find it hard to find any watch that comes close to this no matter what the make or price.
  7. Citizen CC1055-53E Watch

    Wow, simply an incredible watch, I absolutely love it, both versions.
  8. Citizen JY0110-55E Watch

    This is my fav watch in the range and my fav watch of all time, along with the other new Red Arrows Navihawk. What you need to know about this watch is in five years of selling them for one of the main watch sites online, which I know longer work for, we sold hundreds of these and not one ever came back with a fault or repair. They are the most reliable watches we ever sold. This version feels really light, its titanium, so light and strong, even though it looks like it should be heavy.
  9. Citizen BN4025-01F Watch

    This is one of my all time favs, looks incredible, this is a watch that will not let you down, they make the best diver watches in the world anyway.
  10. Citizen BN4020-05E Watch

    This is another amazing looking Citizen watch, specifically a functional watch but it looks awesome on your wrist.
  11. Citizen AT9016-56H Watch

    Gorgeous looking watch, ultra reliable, I now as I used to sell them and they never ever came back for repair.
  12. Citizen AT8060-09E Watch

    This watch is absolutely stunning, one of the best watches I have ever seen and ever seen in the range. You need to get it from an official stockist so take the advice of admin and get it from an official stockist using that discount code that will save you over £100 or something like that on this model. You cannot get a better deal from an offiical stockist.
  13. Citizen AT8060-50E Watch

    This is a stunning watch, a real collectors item, highly recommended, keep it crisp and it may make you money.