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  1. The solar power feature seems great. I would love to try this.
  2. I was also waiting for the same codes with anticipation.
  3. I appreciate the discount codes. It makes the products more affordable to me.
  4. Casio GA-150-1AER watch

    Thanks for the information. I will research this in greater detail.
  5. Casio GA-110C-1AER watch

    A strange design to me. I would not buy it but it is an interesting concept.
  6. Citizen CA0505-57L Watch

    I like this design. Not one I would buy but it is good to see on the market.
  7. Thanks for the code. This makes the products much more desirable.
  8. Citizen AT4106-52X Watch

    I prefer silver watches over the gold however this looks very high class.
  9. Citizen AT9010-52L Watch

    The orange and the black really match well. Looks amazing.
  10. Citizen BJ9140-52E Watch

    Love it! I have said it multiple times to my friends, it is my dream watch.