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  1. Useful information. Should I not expect to find many discounts going on this then?
  2. I have also just joined and find this website very useful for me. I appreciate your hard work for this project.
  3. Very useful information that you have shared! I thank you very much for this.
  4. I would agree with you, I love the Citizen watches the most and often buy them!
  5. Best Watch Deals for 2016

    Loving the discount codes. It makes some really great products much more affordable!
  6. I love the Constellation series and may buy this watch for a family member. I love the look of it.
  7. I would not say this watch looks very feminine? I fail to see how it would attract the female market?
  8. Citizen JY8040-55E Watch

    I don't really like the colors but the review suggests it is a good choice.
  9. Very stylish! I love the combination of gold and black. It is somewhat unique in my opinion.
  10. The video attached to this review really help get a good feel for the product. Keep it up.